Recognizing and nurturing the gifts of our children

Planet Learning Academy has a variety of exciting and stimulating activities that are modified to be suitable for every child. Our programs are geared towards facilitating the holistic development of our learners. We support these growing individuals to properly achieve their physical, cognitive, social, and emotional milestones.

Baby Comets (3 months -12 months)
Compassion and consistent care are what newborns need to achieve their optimal development. Our reliable professionals care for these little bundles of joy in a safe and nurturing environment. We motivate them to utilize their senses and find a routine that fits them best.
Shooting Stars (1 yr to 2 yrs old)
When your kids learn to utilize the endless energy they have, they can be a handful to care for alone. That’s where we come in. We provide safe and fun activities that can pique the curiosity of your toddlers. You can leave the introduction of common objects and healthy habits to us.
Galactic Explorers (3 yrs – 5 yrs old)
We use our children’s desire to explore in preparing them for formal education. We optimize your child’s energy in completing age-appropriate and stimulating activities. Our skilled professionals can also help you with potty training your child. We recognize their readiness to follow potty routines and assist them with patience and dedication.
Elementary School (Kindergarten – 2nd Grade)
Helping them excel in society is our prime objective. Our educators equip young learners with the knowledge and skills required for optimal development. Children are introduced to systematic education with scheduled activities and hands-on learning. Here, they learn the basic concepts in mathematics, reading, writing, science, and arts.
School Breaks & Holidays (K-5th Grade)
When parents or guardians worry about their child’s development during school breaks and holidays, our program is here to help. We endeavor to promote continuous learning through age-appropriate programs that utilize their stock knowledge and skills while having fun.

Parents and guardians can trust the curriculum we provide our children as they are centered on the unique capabilities and needs of their children. Children under our care can benefit from the following programs:

For more details about the child care programs we offer, feel free to schedule a tour with our team or talk to our representatives.